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DC Formed it’s charity arm to utilise the technical and project management expertise and knowledge gained over the past years in the development sector. Building based on the expertise, we implement and deliver high quality, innovative development programs that are impactful, cost-effective and sustainable.


DC’s core business is providing management consulting services to development and humanitarian organizations on capacity building trainings, programme reviews and evaluation of complex development and humanitarian programmes.


DC is in the process of establishing the Credit arm of the company to assist the entrepreneurial poor with collateral free microfinance to start/expand their business, infrastructure development that contribute enhancing their human condition and social position.

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Development Concern is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, has been operating in Sri Lanka over 10 years and successful in providing effective, cost-efficient and innovative development solution for the development agencies and people in need.

DC was established in 2007 by a group of development professionals as a Consultancy firm that provides project management consultancies to the local and International organizations working in Sri Lanka at an affordable cost to them. DC was formally registered as a business entity in 2011 and later incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in 2017.


Yes, our project implementation can be divided into two scenarios;

  • Implement projects with our own funding generated through consultancies and donations by the people within and outside of Sri Lanka.
  • Implement the projects with the funding support from the donor agencies, INGOs and NGOs.

DC has extensive experience in developing projects for CSR fund of the Private Sector Companies and implement the project on behalf of them, which will ensure sustainability and efficient utilization of CSR funds.

It depends on the need. DC always provide better human resource for project management and implementation involving high quality and well-known professionals in the relevant field. At times, DC also financially contribute for project implementation on a cost – sharing basis.

We are in the process of developing internal mechanism to administer the credit program in selected districts in Sri Lanka. We do also have funding constraints for implementing a large-scale credit support program. However, we will ensure providing a market oriented, competitive credit facilities to the deserving people with relevant and much needed capacity development trainings.

It is all about results.

We actively challenge development leaders to look beyond own perceived limitations and identifying targets they never previously dared dream of. Then we help them succeed.

If your ambition is growth, and not necessarily in monetary terms, as your goals could also be personal or measured in geographic terms – as soon as your ambition implies moving beyond your comfort zone – then we are the right partner for your journey.


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